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Your Place, Your Space

Play. Socialise. Discover.
You will experience it all at The Grand.

Housed in the 140-year-old former Chief Post Office in Cathedral Square, The Grand has been part of the very fabric of this city for generations. The building has stood the tests of time, city developments, and earthquakes, and is as impressive today as the day it was built. A Grand old Lady, a part of our fabric and as it has always been, Your Place, Your Space.

We’re turning The Grand into a world-class destination for our world-class city, complete with an artisan French bakery, people-focused food court experience, visitor information centre, iconic restaurants, and bars and one of New Zealand’s largest outdoor plazas.

We need your help: take ownership of your city’s future with an investment in The Grand and secure your piece of Christchurch’s history and future.

The Grand will be the leased venue inside the Old Chief Post Office Building with access onto the Square. The Grand will own and operate all businesses occupying the leased building, but not the building itself.

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Crowdfunding Campaign

We’re building The Grand for Christchurch and the Canterbury community. This is your opportunity to own a piece of Christchurch's future.

We want it to be owned by this community. Our upcoming crowdfunding campaign is your opportunity to become a founding investor of The Grand. Aside from the opportunity to be an investor in The Grand and share in its potential commercial success, there will be amazing rewards for our investors. The Grand Cathedral Square Limited will own and run all businesses within the historic building, assuring an extremely high standard of service and experience with an exceptional team.

In addition to a healthy investment return you will receive the following bonus rewards for the different level's you invest at.


500 shares for $500 and receive a $25 voucher to use at The Grand.


1,000 shares for $1,000 and receive a $70 voucher to use at the 1879 Bar and Restaurant.


2,500 shares for $2,500 and receive a $200 voucher to use at the 1879 Bar and Restaurant.


5,000 shares for $5,000 and receive the "Forever Happy Hour card" valid seven days per week and entitles the holder to $2 off all alcoholic beverages, $1 off other beverages, 10% off all food across all outlets, 15% off retail, furniture and art. Plus a $100 voucher to 1879 Bar and Restaurant. (Each multiple of $5,000 receives a new card).

*Condition's Apply


10,000 shares for $10,000 and in addition to number 4, receive 2 weeks per year to feature a business at The Grand's featured owner's area. High visibility and foot traffic (each multiple of $10,000 receives another 2 weeks).

If you are investing and you do not take up the commercial opportunity, you could nominate a charity of your choice and we will offer that charity the opportunity to host one event for the charity, in one of our spaces within a 12 month period from the date of your investment. i.e. no hosting fees.

*Condition's Apply

Post Office
Chief Post Office, Christchurch. 1920s. Sydney Charles Smith
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For more information about The Grand, contact Darin Rainbird at darinr@thegrand.co.nz or on 021 276 3763.

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The Grand Offering

The Grand will become the ultimate destination in Christchurch to play, socialise and discover the very best of what the South Island has to offer.

Here’s what you can look forward to seeing at The Grand:

The Grand FloorPlan

1.  Office

2.  Bakery Production & School

3.  Kitchen

4.  Private Dining

5.  Restaurant

6.  Clock Tower

7.  Tasting Experience

The Grand Floor Plan

8.  Visitor Information Centre

9.  Florist Gift Station

10.  The Grand Hall

11.  Food Court

12. 1879 Bar & Restaurant

13. French Bakery Cafe

Ground Floor

The Grand Bar

Home to some of Canterbury's best producers and hospitality: The Grand will become the ultimate destination for locals and visitors.

Outdoor Pizza

Outdoor Plaza

The Grand will have New Zealand's largest outdoor plaza, right in the heart of the country's most iconic city square.

Gift Station

Florist and Gift Station

I-SITE centre

Visitor Information Centre

First Floor

Whether you're in for a coffee, wine, or three course meal, The Grand will have everything you need throughout the day.

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